Boerne’s Superior Engine Clean

Everyone knows that the maintenance and upkeep of your car’s engine is crucial to its overall effectiveness. However, what many Boerne motorists do not realize is that it should also be cleaned regularly. A clean engine will ensure that your car operates at its optimal level for longer. This means that it will last longer and will require less serious maintenance when repairs are needed.

C.A.R.S. Paint & Body offers an award-winning engine cleaning service to Boerne motorists with vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Our professionally-certified technicians know every trick in the book to get your engine as clean as possible in no time at all. It costs hundreds of dollars to repair an engine and thousands to replace it. Don’t let it deteriorate unnecessarily with grime and dirt. Call our Boerne office today and let us take care of everything for you.

What Makes Your Service Different?

Sludge and grime formation can have a serious impact on your vehicle’s engine over time. Not only will it lead to reduced fuel economy but it can also result in loss of horsepower and, if left untreated, complete engine failure. Don’t let this happen.

We provide a complete and thorough engine cleaning service that is unrivalled. Our skilled technicians use the finest professionally-advanced products to ensure that any dust and dirt particles as well as sludge are removed from your engine quickly and effectively.

Unlike other garages, we have developed a unique formula of hard work, advanced equipment and patented engine cleaning fluid. This will ensure that when you bring your vehicle to us it will receive the best service possible at a competitive price.

What are the Mechanical Benefits of a Deep Engine Clean?

There are mechanics who will argue that a little bit of oil or greasy dirt never hurt anyone. There are others who would even argue that a little bit of dirt will make your engine run smoother. Unfortunately, this is not true. A dirty engine might not stop it from working but it can definitely reduce fuel efficiency and lower its horsepower. Some of the other benefits to a clean engine include:

Identifying Leaks

Removing grease and dirt from your vehicle’s engine can help determine where that grease and dirt is coming from in the first place. This could be a leaky valve-cover gasket or an engine malfunction. However, by catching the problem early on you can rest assured knowing that it will cost less and be repaired quicker than if it was left to worsen.

Saving on Repairs

Gunk and grime can break down crucial smaller components of the engine. Cleaning your engine regularly removes this potential for deterioration and also ensures that any future repairs down the line are not needless ones that could have been easily avoided with a deep clean.